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Announcing the Technology Entrepreneurship Office

The Technology Entrepreneurship Office (TEO) will increase the speed and frequency at which UW research is translated into usable technology. It supports STEM-based innovations from any faculty, staff, or student at UW–Madison.

The office was launched in partnership with the College of Engineering, the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences (CDIS), and the College of Letters & Science (L&S).


Advances in science and technology have the greatest impact when they move out of the lab and into real-life applications. The gap between basic research and widespread implementation is often too long, delaying opportunities to assemble intellectual property and people to launch new businesses and products. 


Leverage UW-Madison translational research to reduce the gap between discovery and delivery through a rapid commercialization process to create economic growth and increased competitiveness for Wisconsin. By bringing together the right team and skillsets, including investors, mentors, and entrepreneurial leaders, TEO will drive impactful solutions for society. We aim at being the unique support with deep internal knowledge to support your first and next steps of the entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re a UW–Madison faculty, staff member or student with a solution to a significant challenge, we want to meet with you. You can share more about  your research and goals for your technology. Such deep knowledge of how your technology emerges from a laboratory perspective is where the TEO support starts.


  • Expand research activities with high commercial potential 
  • Accelerate transfer of innovations to newly created startups and established companies
  • Increase number of faculty, students, and staff considering highly scaleable technology startups 
  • Leverage existing efforts across campus and serve all interested parties on campus
  • Expand access to technology commercialization resources, including investment capital, external mentors, and proven entrepreneurial talent

From the Founding Partners

“Technology is highly scalable, and large enterprises can come from a single technology. We need to develop tech-transfer concepts that go beyond patenting to improve lives, stimulate economic growth, and realize the Wisconsin Idea.”

Tom Erickson, Founding Director, School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences

“The new TEO director Dr. Bonnie Bachman is a leader in leveraging translational research, and her experience spearheading programs for faculty, students and staff is an exceptional foundation as she begins to build and grow the TEO at UW–Madison”

Ian Robertson, Grainger Dean of the College of Engineering.

“Our leading scientists are demanding more support to commercialize their innovations. The lifecycle support through TEO will be transformational in its impact on society.”

Eric Wilcots, Dean of the College of Letters and Science




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