Why become a mentor?

The UW-Madison Hi Tech Mentor Network brings together academic and entrepreneurial expertise.
As a mentor for the Hi Tech Mentor Network with the UW–Madison Technology Entrepreneurship Office (TEO), you will have the opportunity to share your experiences as a business leader, participate in a diverse network of experienced alums, entrepreneurs, and experts, and gain access to markets, investors, and opportunities to encourage and support UW entrepreneurs. Furthermore, you will have the ability to collaborate with a brilliant set of individuals on your team and others, creating and commercializing new discoveries.

What's the role of a mentor?

  • Assist in locating the appropriate contacts for interviews and helping the Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) through the bulk of a customer discovery process.
  • Share valuable insights from your experience, including strategies you found useful and pitfalls to avoid, to help teams reach success effectively and efficiently.
  • Support teams throughout the customer discovery process by challenging their observations and assisting them with tools for customer discovery and providing appropriate questioning techniques.
  • Understand the process and assist the team in developing good skills and habits for their customer discovery work.